Happy Monday!

With the month closing to an end  brings forth the beginning of new,  on that note it is looking to be another exciting week full of magic and adventure! I still have not had time to finish the up the updates to my homepage but don’t worry I will keep the camera rolling.

To start the week off here are some pictures!


Revenge of the Trees

revenge of the trees.jpg



Side of the Road

side of the road.jpg

Waterfall: Anonymous

Waterfall: Anonymous

water fall

I seem to not recall
Dubbed anonymous waterfall
Forever mystery 

Water Way: Pipeland

Water Way: Pipeland
Water Way Pipeland.jpg
Forged out of the hands of time

Cold, cool, refreshing… everything but clean

Rusted beauty bleeds out life

Beautifully cold, refreshing life

Rusted by time

Draining away

Water Way: Pipeland II

Water Way Pipeland II.png

Morning dew drops

Morning dew drops

Dew drops.jpg

Dew drops sparkle amongst the morning sun
Bringing life to natures critters
Morning drips and drops
Water equals life
Beautiful life

Bridge From Afar

20170723_141540(1) II.jpg

Bridge From Afar II


Bridge From Afar III


Eno River
Durham NC

Natures Inspiration


spherical cluster of greenbrier berries.jpg

 Tunnel of Trees

nature tunnel II.jpg

New Life

new life.jpg

Wild Flowers

Wild flowers II.jpg

Floral Intimacy


Sexual Flower

sexual flower

Sexual Flower II

sexual flower