Fellow fans, friends, and family I have great news!

I have placed a portion of my portfolio on EyeEm! That means that if you are a photo buff like me then you will absolutely love this site!



Happy Monday!

With the month closing to an end  brings forth the beginning of new,  on that note it is looking to be another exciting week full of magic and adventure! I still have not had time to finish the up the updates to my homepage but don’t worry I will keep the camera rolling.

To start the week off here are some pictures!


Revenge of the Trees

revenge of the trees.jpg



Side of the Road

side of the road.jpg


Happy Monday!

Life is full of opportunity, change, and the unexpected. Maintaining balance through the variance of it all has been a personal struggle of mine throughout the years.  I apologize on the latency of my blog for last week was one of opportunity, change, and the unexpected.

I just started a new job so my down time has become somewhat limited hence my lack of posts the previous week.  This week is looking to be far more digitally productive as my body adapts and balances.





20170717_092841 III.jpg


Happy Monday!

Taking a moment to reflect, it is hard to believe that we only have two weeks left in July. This has been a fantastic month, full of growth and inspiration, and I could not have made it this far without all of your support! Thank you all for being amazing!

Okay now that reflection and appreciations are passed I can get down to business. This week is going to be full of magic, I have poetry, pictures and much surprises heading your way for if you did not get the memo that I shouted out last night I am in the midst of remolding my homepage, making it as user friendly as possible, and allowing a complete display of my portfolio.  My hopes are to have it all completed by the end of the week, and so far things are going according to schedule. I will keep you all updated along the way!

Silk Petals

Silk Peatles.png

Geometrical Constellation (original)




Random Woods

Randome Woods.jpg



Capricorn Rising

rainbow moon




Happy Monday to all!

The full moon energy is still lingering in the air and such inspiration is in full swing. This week is looking to be very promising. I have plenty of photography and poetry segments in the works and I will be releasing another chapter sneak peak to HUS!


hole in the log.jpg

Friends and fans I just want to thank you all for the amazing support! This has been a fantastic month, full of magic and adventure! I shall be away for four days, so I will not be active upon my blog.

Peace and love to all!



20170624_000241Happy Monday!

Well last week was productive, I introduced a photography section to my website as a little experiment, and such it was very much a success! I shall  be further adding to its contents throughout the week. I also have some more poetry in the works which I shall be posting, as well as another glimpse into the world of HUS! Get ready for another exciting Week! I do want to state that during the 1st through the 4th of next month I will be away on a mini vacation, so the blog will remain dormant for those 4 days but I promise to blog all about my adventures!

I hope everyone has a magical Monday, and a fantastic week!