Occoneechee Mountain State Park

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Walking the Gardens

The other day I went for a walk at Sarah P. Duke Gardens and as usual I took some photos.



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Trees & Shadow

Grey senses


Galumphs the grey


Weakens the whisper


Silence the secrets


Vexing the vampires


Purifying the past


Taming the temptress

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Wrightsville Beach: Evening Adventure




Between the Grey


Shadow and Light


Words of Silence



Light and Shadow

This photo was so amazing it needed it’s own post.

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Update: I’m back baby!


Friends and fans!

Wow it’s been a long time right!

But fear not there has been much magic produced within the passage of time.

Just recently I revisited a very special place


Dried Tobacco

Duke home

This was a vet fun shot to take. The lighting was amazing that day!

I found the perfect place to play with the shadows!

Played a little longer…

Then this happened. The green dot has been debunked as a lens flare not an orb.

There was some more flare action.

By this point I was beginning to feel as if this was the next set of a J. J Abrams flick. He was probably behind me with the camera the entire time!

The next day this happened!

Candles everywhere!

And more candles… Apparently they are lighting them Dec 1 and Dec 8.

I love this one!

Here are some random shots of the area!



One last picture!

Have a magical day/ night. I will update soon.

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