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Oh hi, I am glad you stopped by. Welcome to my Authors page! Here you can learn about me and my current goals on my project. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Soren Johnsen, creator of the upcoming series Humanity Under Siege. May I formally welcome you to my blog, and all the magical content that it holds. Have you ever wanted to publish a book? That was always a dream of mine, one which is finally a reality. To accomplish such a goal, I found myself venturing into the realm of E-books. But did you know that when you self-publish you not only take on the role of a writer/editor but also as your own marketing consultant? Sounds like a lot of work, well it is... but I researched the process for several years and such when the time arose for me to announce my creativity to the world I was by no means overwhelmed. Instead, I have found myself excited and exhilarated by the entire process. ​ It has been my experience that when I pick up the pen I hardly know what is going to be imprinted upon the paper. I might have a generalized idea in my mind, but by the end of the process the transformation has transcribed to the point that the original draft is hardly recognizable. On that note, I fully intended for Humanity Under Siege to be a short story. A statement that I now find to be rather amusing, for it was not long into my writing until the universe expanded to such a degree that one Novel was just not to be sufficient. Such was the will of the pen. ​ I welcome all questions, comments, and reviews! I encourage all my fans to follow me on social media, and to join my mailing list where you will get updates every time I post. Also feel free to contact me by email

Walking the Tracks

train tracks II.jpg



What is the point of living if you don’t enjoy life?

Is it enough to merely exist?

Life without a purpose.

Life without a soul.

It feels as if I am but a number in a system one rigged for that of the conditioned mind.

Freedom of thought… repressed.

Yet still not illegal.

Repression leads to oppression the chronic depression…

Prescription for pills, medicate the drones.

Working the gears of society.

Turning the corporate engines.

Money and greed fuel the monopoly of empire of false dreams.

Drink the Kool-Aid… blue tong of shame.

Sugar sweetens the deal.

What would happen if you broke the cycle.

The triangle of abuse.

Stepping outside your shadow.

Into a world of opportunity.

Seeing past the boundaries of an constricting society, fuck the system of abuse.

Empowerment comes from within.

See the dream for what it is and claim the spotlight for yourself.

Live your life.

Love your life.

Be yourself!


Grey lily

Grey Lilly







Happy Monday!

With the month closing to an end  brings forth the beginning of new,  on that note it is looking to be another exciting week full of magic and adventure! I still have not had time to finish the up the updates to my homepage but don’t worry I will keep the camera rolling.

To start the week off here are some pictures!


Revenge of the Trees

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Side of the Road

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hopper II

Sunflower: Past the Prime

sunflowwer II